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TV Documentary including an interview with Marcia Karp

2010 December 2010

TV Documentary

Psychodrama on the new Europe

Publishing date: 16/12/2010
Broadcasting of the video Documentary `Diversity is a story to tell: experiences of video therapy and psychodrama on the new Europe´ in the countries of the PHD2 consortium. The video documentary reports the activities carried out in the laboratories realized in all the partner countries and the experiences of the two years of the project. The documentary is being broadcasted on the TVs of the partner countries according to this schedule:

Saturday 18 December at 20h and Sunday 19 December at 17h on Youdem TV and on channel 813 of Sky.

Greece: Thursday 16 December on OPT.

Lithuania: Thursday 30 December on Karpaty TV.

United Kingdom and in Ireland: Wednesday 22 December, everyday for a week at 16:30 on Information TV, Sky Channel 166.

Spain: Thursday 16 December at 12h and next week on Tele 7 TV and


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