Individual Therapy

There are hour long and double sessions available to individuals, couples and supervisees. Phone sessions by Skype and by land line are also available. The address, phone and directions of these sessions are in the box marked "contact" on the  website home page. Just click on contact, then on the email address. The sessions are supportive. They help the client/clients both think and feel various aspects of their professional or personal lives in the present, past or future. When appropriate, one to one psychodrama is used to facilitate working through thoughts and feelings in action.
The charge for individual psychotherapy is £150 per hour session. In specific, urgent cases of financial challenge, a mutually acceptable fee will be arranged. Insurance cover by  Bupa, and Norwich Union will be available from April 2010.
Appointments are available on weekends and during the day or evening, suitable to the client. Because of training commitments, appointments may not be the same day or time each week. This is worked out well in advance between the therapist and client. All appointments are strictly confidential.