Psychotherapy and Psychodrama


J. L. Moreno, the founder of Psychodrama

Marcia Karp
Psychodrama is  commonly used as a group psychotherapy. Moreno believed that every therapeutic procedure should have no less a goal than the peace of humankind. If this is so, we need to help each other, in small groups, share the normal struggles of this condition we call life. Margaret Mead, the American archaeologist said, " Never doubt that a group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Each of us has doubts and fears as well as hopes and dreams. These are creatively handled in therapy, either in individual or group work. It helps to think and feel out loud with other people, one or more. Moreno said to Freud in Vienna, " You analyse people's dreams. I give them the courage to dream again." Why do it alone? Therapy is a way to share your problems, and by so doing begin to find creative solutions, by talking it through, by action, by identifying with others, or by  just stating the issues. For some people, the latter begins a whole new process of hope that something new may shift in their life. The  physical and psychological inertia ceases and the work begins. For others, a commitment to try something new in action, a new way of relating to an old situation, or an adequate way of relating to a new situation, may help the individual spontaneously create their own answers. Finding the autonomous healing place of each person seeking help is an important focus of the work. The therapist is a mid-wife to that process.  

" Man (and woman) with all his noble qualities, still bears, in his bodily frame, the indelible stamp of his lowly origins."

Charles Darwin
written in the "Descent of Man "in the mid 1800's, twelve years after "The Origin of the Species."

"It is not the strongest of the race who survive. Neither is it the most intelligent. It is those who are  most adaptable to change."
Charles Darwin